Euroleague Final Four sells out in hours

Euroleague Final FourThe Euroleague Final Four has proved itself to be one of the most popular annual sporting events in the world once again as the tickets for the event sold out in under 24 hours.

This year’s showpiece event will be held in the Spanish capital of Madrid, tickets were put on sale noon on Wednesday and had sold out by this morning. Outside the showbiz of the NBA, the Euroleague is clearly the grandest spectacle in Basketball and shows that hoops outside of the US can offer excitement and quality to rival any NBA finals.

The worldwide success of the Euroleague means that it is watched by hundreds of millions around the world, while there was obviously a clamour to get hold of tickets for this season’s Final Four. The event is such a popular global favourite that 25% of those who snapped up tickets said they had no allegiance to any team currently playing in the Euroleague.

Not surprisingly, 61% of available tickets were sold in Final Four country Spain, while 40% declared themselves Real Madrid fans, meaning the host city will be well represented. There are still tickets available, but they are the more expensive VIP seats, while 3200 tickets will be sold after the Final Four teams are decided, 800 to each participating club.

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