EuroBasket 2015: 1st qualifier tips off Thursday

With EuroBasket 2013 set to tip off in just over 34 days, 13 clubs that are not participating in this year’s event are set to begin their quest for inclusion in EuroBasket 2015 with a 1st Qualification Round that will tip off on Thursday and run through 1 Sept., just three days prior to the main event in Slovenia.

At stake for the winning club is entry in EuroBasket 2015.

Those 13 clubs have been divided into four groups that will play a round robin format to get started, then the top team of each group will advance to a semi-final round where they will play two games with the winners moving on to a two-game championship series.

Group A opens with Romania against Bulgaria in Romania, with Iceland waiting until Saturday to get started against Bulgaria.

The Netherlands opens their doors to Estonia Thursday to open play in Group B, with Portugal waiting until Saturday to tip off with Estonia.

Group C will see all four teams suit up with Denmark travelling to Switzerland and Luxembourg on the road against Austria.

Hungary will travel to Belarus on Thursday to get Group D underway, with the Slovak Republic waiting until Saturday to get started against Hungary.

EuroBasket 2015 1st Qualification Round

Standings – Group A[standings league_id=34 group=A show_website=false template=nolink]

Group A Matches[matches league_id=34 group=A template=summary dateformat=”M. j, Y”]

Standings – Group B[standings league_id=34 group=B show_website=false template=nolink]

Group B Matches[matches league_id=34 group=B template=summary dateformat=”M. j, Y”]

Standings – Group C[standings league_id=34 group=C show_website=false template=nolink]

Group C Matches[matches league_id=34 group=C template=summary dateformat=”M. j, Y”]

Standings – Group D[standings league_id=34 group=D show_website=false template=nolink]

Group D Matches[matches league_id=34 group=D template=summary dateformat=”M. j, Y”]

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