Elias Harris from Germany to Zaragoza

Elias Harris (203 cm, F) has left MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg. He has signed in the ACB with Zaragoza. It’s surprising to some people as Ludwigsburg is doing extremely well this season. With a 10-1 record, Ludwigsburg is on top of the standings in the BBL.

Harris was no small part of that success. He averaged 15.5 ppg and 5 rebounds in the eleven contests.

Elias Harris, 31 years old, joins a Zaragoza team with a 5-12 record in the ACB and a 16th spot in the standings.

Harris played college basketball at Gonzaga, where he averaged 14.6 ppg and 7.4 rebounds in 12/13, his senior year. He has played in Germany since then.

Elias Harris

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