Drive by Dunk or Driving People Crazy?

A Drive by Dunk Challenge is exactly what it spells, a definite challenge! This dunk off requires talent, not like the previous trends, such as the ice bucket challenge. It has garnered much attention because it tests people’s vertical and coordination when they execute a slam dunk. A teen by the Instagram name, “T.Currie” (Tyler Currie) has turned the idea of dunking into a crafty, drive-by sensation! He has everyone hooked on the newest internet craze and many professional athletes are taking part in the antics. It consists of recorded videos of random dunk offs in other people’s driveways! Although this has become illegal and considered trespassing, it has not stopped many from joining this experiment. Tyler has gained a sizeable fan database since posting the first video in Los Angeles, California in July of 2017. His followers have increased by more than 10,000. He has posted earlier videos of him doing some professional style dunks, but this is unlike anything else.

Here is the Tyler Currie Original drive by dunk:

Age or Athleticism?

In return, this has turned into a crazed meme and even has NBA players taking part in the quirky dunk-offs. Former Kentucky basketball player and New Orleans Pelicans star, Anthony “The Brow” Davis posted a personalized drive by dunk on a stranger’s lawn. However, he has been blessed with a 6’ 10” stature so he did not have to make a great effort in leaving his feet for the rim. Still, that did not take away from the excitement and if anything, it inspired others to do the same. On the other hand, age restrictions have ceased in this challenge because there are many elderly people also participating. For instance, the 58-year-old Kentucky coach, John Calipari documented his own version of a dunk. Though, this was not considered a challenge, being that it was not an elevated hoop. Some have speculated that it was his own driveway. On the other hand, at his age, it is worth noting that he did soar slightly off the ground!

Ramping up the Challenge with Creativity

One questionable, yet remarkable drive by dunk has had many deliberating whether they should be mesmerized or considering a CPS intervention. The always controversial former Washington Wizards star, Gilbert Arenas drove slowly to have both of his children dunk on a stranger’s hoop while standing on his car. All things considered, should we be more worried about Arenas’ letting his offspring do this or that they have possibly dunked like professionals? However, the MVP runner-up in the NBA, James “The Beard” Harden has left many speechless after he hammered the rim during another group’s pick-up game. Afterwards, he drove off in his speedboat in Miami. No doubt, some are labeling it the best dunk off of the summer challenge. His animated moves could be one of the reasons he is already sponsored by shoe and apparel giant Adidas.

Drive by Dunk or Coasting into Trouble?

There are many great dunks; however, there are some epic and savage fails. One instance led to vandalism. A man with the Instagram handle, “AndrewLeonard46” viciously dunked the ball and ruined someone’s hoop. He rushed from beneath it before it could fall on him. Consequently, this movement has led homeowners to reach new heights such as getting guard dogs. However, the police are not able to prevent this from taking place because they are in on the action too. As a matter of fact, a Bloomington police officer stopped his squad car and dunked the hoop while listening to the legendary “Bad Boys” song.


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  1. Excellent article once again Norma. I really did not know a lot about this drive by dunk thing because I generally don’t pay much attention to internet fads but this one was pretty hilarious. Great job, loved Harden on the speed boat!

  2. Good article, first time hearing about this drive-by dunk. I don’t understand how they’re not scared to run into a strangers driveway and do that though lol

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