COVID-19 protocols force three more NBA games to be postponed

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the world, the 2020-21 NBA season is increasingly interrupted by game postponements.

On Wednesday, the Phoenix Suns-Atlanta Hawks game along with the Washington Wizards vs. Utah Jazz and Boston Celtics vs. Orlando Magic were postponed. All three games were pushed back to TBA dates because at least one of the teams didn’t have enough available players.

Or as reported, “The team announced the postponement in a news release on Wednesday morning that said that the game was off ‘in accordance with the league’s Health and Safety Protocols.'”

Meanwhile, the Suns (7-4) and Hawks (5-5) now shift their attention to upcoming contests.

COVID-19 contact tracing was problematic for the Phoenix Suns, according to published reports. As a result, they had less than the minimum number of players (eight) available for their home game against the Hawks.

In related news, the Miami Heat’s home game against the Celtics on Jan. 10 was postponed for the same reason.

Entering the season, the Heat (4-5) and Celtics (7-3) were considered title contenders

COVID-19-forced postponements

As of Jan. 13, there have been seven NBA games to be called off due to COVID-19 tests. The season isn’t even a month old yet.

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