Cole Dickerson returns to Egis Kormend

Cole Dickerson

Cole Dickerson (201 cm, San Francisco ’14) is being welcomed back by Egis Kormend (Hungary-A Division). The last time Dickerson played for Kormend was during the 2015/2016 season. That year, he helped the team win the FIBA Europe cup and make it to the A Division semifinals. Dickerson played a crucial role that year while playing 30.0 mpg in 38 league games. The American forward averaged 12.7 ppg with 6.8 rpg in the Hungarian league. Once again, Kormend is sitting near the top in the league standings and playing strong in the European cup. In the A Divison, they are in third place with a 12-6 record. Also, the team is in Stage two of the European cup and leads Group N with a 4-2 record. The familiarity for Dickerson with this team should play in his favor as the team closes out the season.

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