CEZ Nymburk

CEZ Nymburk wins 10th straight Czech title

CEZ Nymburk
Any doubts over CEZ Nymburk as the dominant force in the Czech Mattoni NBL have been put to bed as the club claimed its 10th consecutive title. Indeed, after a decade of utter success there were few doubters left, but those who did remain have now witnessed a crowning Czech top flight title for Nymburk.

When one reads that CEZ Nymburk has won the last 10 titles, it is easy to think that this has been achieved easily. However, the Czech team as faced rivals throughout that decade, pretenders to the throne if you will. BK Prostejov has been the most consistent threat to Nymburk’s triumphs in recent years and so it proved again in the Mattoni NBL this season.

Fans of Nymburk will no doubt find it fitting that the team defeated Prostejov in the final for the fourth consecutive season. However, despite being the nearest opponent to Nymburk, we cannot actually call Prostejov a true rival, as just like last year Nymburk swatted the team aside in a 4-0 series win. The crushing nature of the victory and yet another Mattoni NBL trophy just reinforces the clubs total dominance upon Basketball in the Czech Republic.

Interestingly, as we have just stated, CEZ Nymburk won the series 4-0, but in actual fact the teams only played three matches. Bother Nymburk and Prostejov had made an accord before the series that if one was leading 3-0 the fourth game would go in the leading teams favour by 20 points to nil. And so the case proved to be as Nymburk took a 3-0 lead in the series on Wednesday night to also win game four and the title.

Indeed, Wednesday’s encounter was never in doubt for Nymburk as the club exerted its dominance from the opening tip off to the final buzzer. With the game never at risk, Nymburk eventually run out comfortable 95-70 winners over Prostejov.

American Tweety Carter and veteran forward Radek Necas finished top scorers for Nymburk in game 3 with 12-points apiece, but Slovak player Radoslav Rancik was arguably the star of the show with his 11 points, six rebounds and five assists.

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