Bik Dreams takes 2012 Coral Ace Open Men’s Championship

On Thursday afternoon, the open men grand finals kicks off in the Bairiki court. There were two strong teams compete in the final known as Bik Dreams and Betio. Therefore previously, one of the undisbuted team known as Bik Dreams wins the competition mostly approximately 7 years now and never loose from the opponent. Apart from that, Betio team was a competitive holding years ago champ approximately since 1990’s competing with strong teams in Tarawa Bairiki Supply and etc.. Presently, this year Betio team has return and again competing in the finals. Additionally compared in years ago, since 2009 and 2010 Betio or known as Betio Hardware never wins in the semi’s has always beaten by Saint team. Up until now they have seen in the finals.

However during the competition in the finals between these teams, Bik Dream was leading the score in the first half (1st & 2nd Q) of 5 point lead apart from Betio team. In the Second half of the game, Betio are trying to reach the score within 2 point lead and within 3 minutes after Bik Dreams lead again. In the last quarter Bik Dreams got 98 score and 84 for Betio Teams. As the whistle blows teams quickly stand in place and again Bik Dreams scores 6 points lead until 4 minutes time remains Betio step up but it’s too late to catch up. For the result Bik Dreams again hold this year Championship known as a Coral Ace Basketball Championship with a final score Bik Dreams got 115 against Betio 99 which means 4 points apart. We believe that these strong teams will not give up because it is not an end but they will go on and train hard to fulfill goals.

Congratulation to you our champs Bik Dreams, and together with Betio teams for the great effort and performances during the past and end competition. Not only that but to keep in touch with other teams to work hard for the next tournament comes.

Courtesy: Kiribati Basketball Federation

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