Basketball Champions League 2018 winner to get €1 million

Basketball Champions League

Despite being a lower tiered competition in Europe, the FIBA Basketball Champions League has been an enormous success. During its inaugural campaign, it has managed to co-exist with the EuroLeague and EuroCup.

Buoyed by the success, Basketball Champions League CEO Patrick Comnino has discussed how the competition will grow next season. Firstly, the winning club will be guaranteed a cool €1 million for winning the 2018 titles.

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In contrast, prize money for the first season was distributed differently. There was a total of €5.2 million shared among the 40 teams that participated in the tournament. Comnino explains that distribution and how it will change next term:

“€100k will be given to each club that have played in the regular season. The winner will earn €500.000. The second will earn a little less than €300.000” Comnino said.

“Next season we will be making a different redistribution. We’ll start from the fact that the winner will make €1 million. What we are going to do is that we will rebalance a large part of the budget that this season was dedicated to the clubs that make the regular season for teams that will advance in the competition.”

“As of next season, we will cover all the costs of referees and officials: travel, accommodation and the cost of the single game.”

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