Austen Rowland pens with Kouvot

Austen Rowland

Austen Rowland (186 cm, Lehigh’04) is a recent addition to the roster of Kouvot Kouvola from Finland’s Korisliiga this 2015. The team is currently in fourth place in the league standings with a 10-8 record and could use his skills in their backcourt.  This will be Rowland’s second season playing in the Finnish league. The 34-year-old veteran spent his 2014-15 season playing for Lapuan Korikobrat (Finland-Korisliiga). In 24 games he managed to deliver averages of 15.0 ppg and 6.5 apg.

In 2013-14 He played 41 games in the French Pro B for BC Orchies where he produced averages of 15.1 ppg and 6.1 apg.

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