Cheerleader is a hit with half-court flip shot…

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Ashlee Arnau sinks acrobatic half-court shot to the delight of Crusaders Fans

Ashlee ArnauAt basketball games across the globe special promotions are set up where a fan will be brought out to mid-court and given the opportunity to drop in a half-courter to win whatever’s being given away that day. The fan will step back, fire the shot up and every so often one will slide through the cords to the delight of the fans and quite often sending the shooter in a sprint around the court for their “victory lap”.

At William Carey University in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, they have had a different take on the popular activity, as cheerleader Ashlee Arnau attempts to toss up a shot by grabbing a ball resting on the mid-court line as she comes over on a front flip, all in one smooth motion. It’s a safe bet that in the dozen or so times Ms. Arnau has put the shot up during a game she’s missed by 10 feet or more a time or two, but as she’s done it more and more she’s most likely gotten closer and closer, until Thursday, when she connected, as the saying goes, “nothing but net…”

As proof that she’s got the range down and it wasn’t a fluke, Ashley connected on the shot a day later, this time at the University of Southern Mississippi with ‘Firefly’ Fisher of the Harlem Globetrotters. Not to be outdone, Firefly than takes the lessons Ashley gave him in how to do a cartwheel and does his own version of the acrobatic shot.

Arnau is also a member of the WCU women’s soccer team in the fall and the track team in the spring.

She’s been invited to attempt the shot once again on Wednesday when the Globetrotters play at USM. If she keeps this up she’ll probably be offered a Globetrotters uniform and a contract to be part of the show!

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