Argentinian All-Star Game Preview

Argentina All-Star Game

The sporting passion in Argentina is well known and the country’s people are dedicated to sport, and any sport too. Of course, the country is fanatic about football (soccer) but it also has a place in its heart for Basketball, which is one of the biggest sports in Argentina and has strength in-depth unlike many other countries, as we all witnessed when the nation won the Olympic gold in 2004.

It helps that the country has a big NBA star in Manu Ginóbili to cheer about, but the home Liga A is competitive, exciting, and packed with quality and with the tradition of being Argentina’s second most popular sport, it has a huge following. So when the league convenes for its annual All-Star game then we are all treated to not only a great game but also a whole bunch of festivities as Argentinians revel in a sporting event.

Of course, the NBA has its All-Star game which is over 60-years old, but the Argentinian All-Star game is no spring chicken, and 2013 will mark the game’s 25th anniversary. This season’s All-Star game will take place tonight and will give the 16 teams of Liga A in Argentina a chance to unwind in the midst of their busy season.

The Argentinian All-Star Game is located at Mar del Plata, an upmarket beach resort a few hours outside of Buenos Aires, and the match will be televised and will draw the rich and the famous of Argentinian society. However, before the game itself there will be a two days of activities under the blazing summer sun at Mar del Plata. Another indication that Argentinians love sport, any chance to turn one game into a major event will be taken.

There is no East and West like in the NBA, so in Argentina the All-Star Game is played out between players who hail from the country and those who come from abroad. The players selected for tonight’s game are:

Argentinian Players Team

Starting: Facundo Campazzo (Peñarol), Paolo Quinteros (Racing), Marcos Mata (Peñarol), Leo Gutierrez (Peñarol) and Juan Gutierrez (Works)

Bench: Nico Laprovittola (Lanús), Pepe Sanchez (Bay), Fede Van Lacke (Boca), Diego Garcia (Liberty), Adrian Boccia (Lanús), Fede Kammerichs (Racing) and Martin Lewis (Peñarol).

Coach: Sergio Hernandez (Peñarol).

Foreign Players Team

Starting: Martin Osimani (Works), David Jackson (Gimnasia CR), Josh Pittman (Zionist), John De Groat (Boca) and Robert Battle (Lanús).

Bench: David Teague (Peñarol), Javier Mojica (Quimsa), Tony Washam (Racing), William Graves (Freedom), William McFarlan (Lanús), Daniel Santiago (Boca) and Darren Phillip (Progressive).

Coach: Néstor García (Boca)

All clubs play in Liga A

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