Anadolu Efes’ GM: “We are considering a budget reduction for the next season, maybe 30% to 40%”

Anadolu Efes GM Alper Yilmaz said the team is considering a budget reduction next season in order to even the revenue loss of the 2019/20 season.

“Our first goal is to continue the season but if there are not many chances to do so, we want the competitions to be declared as of the current standings because 77% of the leagues are completed.

We expect a 27-28% revenue loss and considering a budget reduction for the next season, maybe 30% to 40%. The sports economy is the easiest to recover,” Yilmaz said in a video press conference on Thursday.

Yilmaz also stated Efes’ plan is to not make many changes to the roster, however they are not working on re-signing any players at the moment.

“It’s not true that we are negotiating with our players on expiring contracts for now but we want to continue with them. I think we will continue with 7 or 8 foreigners because our priority is the EuroLeague.

With monitoring the economic circumstances and BSL’s foreign players limit, we want to build a remarkable team,” Yilmaz said.

At the same time, all EuroLeague clubs are facing the same situation and are working on the best solution to limit their financial loss.

For his part, Bayern Munich GM Marko Pesic confirmed the Bavarians will face a seven-figure financial hit.

“Every team in the Basketball Bundesliga and the EuroLeague are facing enormous challenges. The financial impacts of the coronavirus pandemic are also having a massive impact on us.

In terms of ticketing revenue alone we’re looking at a seven-figure loss in revenue for this season, without including the BBL playoffs.

We’re unable to say for sure how other areas may be affected. We’re hoping to be able to use the strong connections we’ve built with our community.

Right now, it’s about determining our financial situation in order to ensure our future,” he said for the club’s official website.

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