Kevin Durant decides on Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant The same day that the Golden State Warriors confirmed Shaun Livingston for another season, the Franchise also nabbed Kevin Durant, the best free agent on the market. Durant is, of course, one of this generations best players, so he was a much sought after signature after he decided to end his nine-year association with the Oklahoma City Thunder (formerly the Seattle Supersonics).

In Oklahoma, he is something of a legend and mythic figure amongst fans, so his decision to leave the franchise has sent shockwaves. Kevin Durant admitted it was the hardest period of his life over the last few weeks.

His MVP season through the 2014/2015 campaign will live long in the memory, and he was a driving force in the Thunder becoming regulars in the latter stages of the playoffs. However, despite a storied career, Durant is still only 27 years old and still brings a lot to the Golden State Warriors.

Indeed, the Warriors are getting one of the league’s best players, and they do not have to pay for him. Durant will add to the franchise for sure, with Stephen Curry perhaps able to benefit from having another generational star alongside him. Certainly, since wilting to LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers in the championship series, there is a feeling that the Warriors need another dimension to their game.

For a team that won the most ever Regular Season games last term, that may be a harsh assessment, but there is no doubt that Durant will add to the Warriors and make them even more of a formidable force.

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