2018 Copa del Rey to happen, players will not strike

Copa del Rey

After plenty of confusion and political infighting, the 2018 edition of the Copa del Rey will be played this season. Spain’s cup competition was in danger of cancellation, but a meeting held by the Higher Sports Council resolved a dispute between the ACB (Spanish League) and ABP (Basketball players’ union).

The disagreement stemmed from the Social Fund, which players wanted the league to keep funding. While the ACB disagreed, the ABP threatened a player strike that would have prevented the Cop del Rey from being played this season.

However, during the meeting, the two bodies reached an accord and agreed key points of the IV Collective Agreement. Under the new terms, the ACB has agreed to continue funding to the tune of 315,000 euros over the next two years, then 280,000 euros and 270,000 for a fourth year. The remainder of the Social Fund will be contributed by players who are members of the ABP.

Additionally, the new agreement will see the base salary for players increase, which the qualifying offer to tanteo will also rise. Tanteo is Spain’s version of the restricted free agency.

The new agreement also includes a rise in the base salary of the players and also a rise in the “qualifying offer” of tanteo, the Spanish version of the restricted free agency. In a statement, the Spanish League praised the involvement of the Secretary of State for Sport, Jose Ramon Lete during the negotiation process.

As for the Copa del Rey, the 2018 edition of the tournament will tip off this weekend (February 15th) and be concluded on February 18th. This will be the 82nd edition of the competition and defending champs Real Madrid will be hunting its 28th title.

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