2014 FIBA World Cup schedule

2014 FIBA World CupWith the 2014 FIBA World Cup approaching, the match schedule for the tournament has been announced. The eyes of the Basketball world will turn to Spain between August 30th and September 14th as the nations clash for the chance to win the most important international competition alongside the Olympics. As well as announcing the schedule for the games, FIBA has also revealed the host cities for the group and finals stages.

Host cities
Granada (Group A), Seville (Group B), Bilbao (Group C) and Las Palmas (Group D)
Barcelona and Madrid (Final Rounds)

2014 FIBA World Cup schedule (times: CET)

Saturday, 30th of August
Group A:
15.30: Egypt vs Serbia
18.00: France vs Brazil
22.00: Iran vs. Spain

Group B:
12.30: Croatia vs Philippines
17.30: Puerto Rico vs Argentina
20.00: Greece vs. Senegal

Group C:
12.30: Ukraine vs. Dominican Republic
18.00: New Zealand vs. Turkey
21.30: USA vs. Finland

Group D:
13.30: Angola vs South Korea
17.30: Australia vs Slovenia
20.00: Mexico vs. Lithuania

Sunday, 31st of August
Group A:
15.30: Serbia vs. France
18.00: Brazil vs. Iran
22.00: Spain vs. Egypt

Group B:
13.30: Argentina vs Croatia
17.30: Senegal vs Puerto Rico
20.00: Philippines vs. Greece

Group C:
12.30: Dominican Republic vs. New Zealand
16.00: Finland vs. Ukraine
21.30: Turkey vs. USA

Group D:
13.30: South Korea vs Australia
17.30: Slovenia vs Mexico
20.00: Lithuania vs. Angola

Monday, 1st of September
Group A:
15.30: Iran vs. Serbia
18.00: France vs. Egypt
22.00: Brazil vs. Spain

Group B:
12.30: Croatia vs. Senegal
17.30: Argentina vs. Philippines
20.00: Puerto Rico vs. Greece

Groups C and D:
No games

Tuesday, 2nd of September
Groups A and B:
No games

Group C:
15.00: Ukraine vs. Turkey
17.30: USA vs. New Zealand
21.30: Finland vs. Dominican Republic

Group D:
13.30: Angola vs Mexico
17.30: Australia vs Lithuania
20.00: South Korea vs. Slovenia

Wednesday, 3rd of September
Group A:
15.30: Egypt vs. Iran
18.00: Serbia vs. Brazil
22.00: Spain vs. France

Group B:
13.30: Philippines vs Puerto Rico
17.30: Senegal vs Argentina
20.00: Greece vs. Croatia

Group C:
15.00: Nee Zealand vs. Ukraine
17.30: Turkey vs. Finland
21.30: Dominican Republic vs USA

Group D:
13.30: Mexico vs Australia
17.30: Slovenia vs. Angola
20.00: Lithuania vs. South Korea

Thursday, 4th of September
Group A:
15.30: Brazil vs. Egypt
18.00: Iran vs. France
22.00: Serbia vs. Spain

Group B:
14:00: Senegal vs Philippines
18.00: Croatia vs Puerto Rico
22.00: Argentina vs. Greece

Group C:
15.00: Finland vs. New Zealand
17.30: Ukraine vs. USA
21.30: Turkey vs. Dominican Republic

Group D:
13.30: Australia vs Angola
17.30: South Korea vs Mexico
21.30: Lithuania vs. Slovenia

Round of 16

Saturday, 6th of September
18.00: A3 vs B2 (E5)
22.00: A1 vs B4 (E6)

16.00: C3 vs D2 (E1)
20.00: C1 vs. D4 (E2)

Sunday, 7th of September
18.00: A4 vs B1 (E7)
22:00: A2 vs B3 (E8)

16.00: C4 vs D1 (E3)
20.00: C2 vs D3 (E4)


Tuesday, 9th of September
17.00: E1 vs E2 (F1)
21.00: E3 vs. E4 (F2)

Wednesday, 10th of September
18.00: E5 vs E6 (F3)
22.00: E7 vs E8 (F4)


Thursday, 11th of September
21.00: F1-F2

Friday, 12th of September
22.00: F3 vs. F4

Saturday, 13th of September
18.00: Game for third place

Sunday, 14th of September
21.00: Final

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