Vladimir Micov kicked out of Serbian NT

Vladimir Micov

The Serbian national team, which is already dealing with several injuries has lost another player. Coach Aleksandar Djordjevic has kicked Vladimir Micov (201 cm) off the team for disciplinary reasons. This is surprising turn of events considering that the 2014 Basketball World Cup is less than a week away.

During Serbia’s 96-102 loss to New Zealand in a friendly tune up match, Micov was benched by his coach. The player began to argue with his coach. Things escalated from there and Djordjevic sent Micov to the locker room. After the game, the coach announced that Vladimir’s time with the team was over. Vladimir was first added to the team in 2013.

“As for Micov, his short national team career is finished. He lashed out at the staff when he was benched and that’s unacceptable. I wanted to have words with him but he just turned around and showed disrespect.”

Micov is currently a member of Galatasaray Liv Hospital Istanbul (Turkey-TBL). He signed with the club for the upcoming 2014-15 season.

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