VEF Riga sweeps final series and wins Latvian title

VEF Riga won the Latvian championship by beating Ventspils (99-90) and sweeping the final series (4-0).

The first three games of the final series were blow-out wins for VEF Riga. However, in the fourth game, Ventspils put up a real fight. Three minutes before the end, VEF Riga only leads by three points (93-90) but Ventspils had no more gas in the tank to upset the visitors from Riga.

Ventspils was a real powerhouse back in the days. In the first decade of this century, they won the Latvian title eight times! After that, VEF Riga took over as the top team in Latvia. This is their seventh title in the last ten years.

VEF Riga sweeps series

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