USA Women’s Team Make History Against South Korea

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Very recently, the USA women’s basketball team managed to make history as they scored a record-breaking 145 points against South Korea, winning the game 145-69. Shakira Austin managed a lay-up in the last few seconds of the game which cemented her and her team’s place in the history books, beating the previous record of 143 set by Brazil in the process.

Who Scored the Most?

One of the top scorers in the whole game was Brionna Jones who managed to rack up an extremely impressive 24 points. Wilson also contributed massively to the team’s total as she managed to put 20 points past South Korea. Wilson was interviewed after the game and commented on the quality on display now saying, “I don’t think I’ve ever been part of a team that can score like this. This is crazy, we put up 145 points. I think when you look at us and just knowing how talented we are, we just came together, and we play together very, very well”.

Why Do the US Have Such High Quality?

It doesn’t seem like anyone is beating the US at the minute as the team has been on a winning streak for some time now. If you have a look at online sportsbook odds for future games, they all have the US women’s team winning convincingly. So, why is there so much quality clearly on display here?

One of the reasons is likely because of how much of a national sport that basketball is in the US compared to other countries around the world. When you have a look at what sports are the most streamed and watched in the US, basketball and American football always come out on top. This means more people play them as well which makes it so that the quality offered by such teams continues to increase.

The current US women’s team have one of the deepest and most talented rosters of any team in the entire world cup. They have a total of 12 WNBA stars who all shined against South Korea, which is what led to their record-breaking effort. The US team also bested themselves significantly as their last highest scoring game before the bout against South Korea was against Angola when they managed 119 points back in 2014.

What Other Records Can the US Break?

With such a good squad on show now, it is hardly a surprise that the team will be looking toward other records that they can break. The game against South Korea marks their 26th win in a row and they haven’t seen a loss since back in 2006 when they played against Russia. It is worth pointing out that, before that game, they had also been unbeaten for 26.

The way things currently stand, there is nothing to suggest that the US team can’t step up and continue winning to beat the record for the most wins in a row. That being said, they still have a long way to go before they do this, as the current record stands at 56 games by the Soviet Union between the years 1959 to 1986.

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