Tsmoki-Minsk defends Belarusian League title

Tsmoki-MinskTsmoki-Minsk has, once again, flexed its muscles and asserted its dominance over the Belarusian Premier League by taking the 2017 league championship. Not only did the team defend as reigning champions but this is a dynasty like no other, being their ninth straight league championship. One more and that’s a full decade that the organization has dominated domestic Belarusian basketball.

They completed an easy 3-0 sweep of BK Grodno-93 in the finals. Tsmoki-Minsk did not suffer a single defeat in the Belaursian league post-season.  Aliaksandr Semianluk led the team in the final game with double-double performance of 15 points and 11 boards.

Truly an impressive win by Belarus’ best basketball team.

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