Immigration ban backlash: American players stuck in Dubai

Immigration ban It did not take too long, but Donald Trump’s 90-day immigration ban from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen has already caused a backlash. Iran has responded in kind with their own ban. This “reaction” has resulted in two American players, J.P. Prince (203 cm, Tennessee’10) and Joseph Jones (206 cm, Texas A&M’08), being “stranded” in Dubai. Both players are teammates at Azad University Tehran, from Iran’s Superleague. They were on break and spent their time in Dubai. Iran’s ban is now preventing them from rejoining their team in Iran.

Both players stand to lose over $100,000 if they cannot return to their team and play this 2016-17 season. Their agent, Eric Fleischer made this statement regarding their situation.

“We are waiting for clarity from the team,” Fleisher said. “It’s tough. It doesn’t look like they can finish the season in Iran. It’s not good to be out of a job. Secondarily, all their things are in Iran. They can’t go back and get them. It’s been difficult.”


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