Trae Young’s Jersey Sales Are Steady

Trae Young, the point guard for the Atlanta Hawks, still doesn’t have a jersey in the top ten.

The NBA released its list of the best-selling jerseys for the first half of the 2022–2023 regular season on Friday afternoon. The data used came from the website of the NBA Store, and only current players were taken into account.

Trae Young, the point guard for the Atlanta Hawks, sold the 11th most jerseys of any active player. In January, Young sold the most jerseys ever, which put him in eighth place. But by the end of last season, Young was in 11th place, and that’s where he’s been for the first half of this season as well.

By most measures, Young is on track for another great season, but not by his own high standards. Young played in the All-Star Game and was picked for the All-NBA Third Team last year. It was the end of a historic season in which Young became only the second player in NBA history to lead the league in both points and assists.

This season, however, Young got off to a much slower start. His shooting averages and Atlanta’s record both went down because of a long shooting slump that wasn’t like him. Young will be lucky to make the All-Star Game in 2023, and it seems unlikely that he will make All-NBA.

The good news is that Young still has a lot of time to get back to the level of work he did before. More importantly, Young has always said that the only stat that matters to him is the number of wins. Atlanta is home tonight to the New York Knicks and tomorrow night to the Charlotte Hornets. is where you can find news, highlights, and analysis.

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