theodoros papaloukas

Theodoros Papaloukas announces retirement

theodoros papaloukas

The world of international basketball is in for a big loss. A great player, Greek point guard Theodoros Papaloukas has announced that he is retiring from basketball. In an interview with Eurohoops.net Papaloukas shares how this was not an easy decision for him and that it will take some time for him to adjust to “normal life as a regular person.” He gave the interview after CSKA Moskow’s third-place finish in the Euroleague Final Four.

Leaving the courts is not an easy decision, as Papaloukas explained: “It’s a very emotional moment for me. I try to control my self and it’s not easy. My family is here with me. It was a beautiful moment and I am hapy that it ended with a win”.

Aside from two Euroleague titles under his belt, Papaloukas has a slew of accomplishments that bejewel his professional career. When asked which is the most memorable he responds:

“Many things. The gold medal with the national team left a sweet taste in my mouth, there is a bitter sweet taste from Japan after beating USA in the semifinal and then losing in the final and of course the first Euroleague that we won with CSKA. We had problems in the team, we had injuries and we managed to get a European trophy after all those years. I think all those moments are important, but everything, good and bad, helps you in your career.”

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