The Most Valuable Franchises in the NBA

The 2022/23 NBA season is starting to come to a boil, and things are heating up nicely. In the Eastern Conference, the Boston Celtics are firing on all cylinders. So far this season, they have already racked up 36 victories, and they’re aiming to put last season’s NBA Finals defeat to the Golden State Warriors firmly in the rearview mirror.

Led by Jayson Tatum, the Massachusetts-based outfit looks unstoppable so far this season. They’ve picked up seven victories in their last ten games, and they’re firing on all cylinders. They avenged their defeat to the Warriors back on January 20th when they beat the California side in overtime, and they also beat the 2019 NBA champion Toronto Raptors back on January 21st.

As such, it’s no surprise that online bookmaker Thunderpick, where you can opt for NBA betting or click here to try out esports crypto betting, have made the Celtics the favorites to lift the Larry O’Brien Trophy this season. But in the Western Conference, the traditional big boys have been struggling.

The reigning champion Warriors have picked up their form in recent weeks, but they still have a record of 25 wins and 24 losses and will have their work cut out to make the postseason playoffs. And things are even worse in Los Angeles.

LeBron James’ Los Angeles Lakers have a record of 23 wins and 27 losses. As such, they sit third bottom of the Western Conference and the playoffs look like a distinct improbability.

As one can imagine, both the Warriors and the Lakers – as well as the Celtics – are among the most valuable franchises in the NBA. But which sides are the most valuable?

The NBA is home to some of the most famous and valuable franchises in the world. From the Los Angeles Lakers to the Golden State Warriors, NBA teams are known for their incredible success both on and off the court. But which franchises stand above the rest?

So, Who’s the Most Valuable?

The Los Angeles Lakers are the most valuable NBA franchise. With sixteen championships, the Lakers have a storied history that includes iconic players like Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson. The team has also been incredibly successful in the business world, becoming one of the most profitable franchises in all of sports.

The New York Knicks come in a close second, with an estimated value of $4 billion. Despite a lack of championships, the Knicks remain one of the most popular teams in the league, thanks to their passionate fan base. Patrick Ewing, Willis Reed, and Walt Frazier are just a few of the stars who have worn the Knicks’ uniform.

The Golden State Warriors are the third most valuable NBA franchise, worth an estimated $3.5 billion. Led by Steph Curry, the Warriors have won four championships in the last eight seasons, making them one of the most successful teams in the league.

The Chicago Bulls round out the top four most valuable NBA franchises with a value of $2.9 billion. Having won six championships during the Michael Jordan era, the Bulls remain one of the most beloved teams in the league. Jordan is without a doubt the greatest player of all time, and his legacy with the Bulls continues to this day.

The NBA has a long history of success as one of the premier professional sports leagues. These four teams have been at the forefront of it all, setting an example of excellence both on and off the court. These franchises will continue to be a source of pride and inspiration for many years to come.

The History of How Their Respective Owners Attained Ownership of the Team.

Starting off in North America, the Dallas Mavericks led by their billionaire owner Mark Cuban is the most valuable NBA franchise. Cuban, who made his fortune from the sale of company, paid $285 million in January 2000 for the Mavericks and has since increased their value to a whopping $4.8 billion.

Also amongst the NBA’s most valuable teams is the iconic Los Angeles Lakers. The team is owned by Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, who paid $2.3 billion in 2010 to take over the team. The Lakers are now valued at $3.2 billion, making them the second most valuable team in the NBA.

In the Eastern Conference, the most valuable team is the New York Knicks, held by The Madison Square Garden Company. The private company, owned by the Dolan family, purchased the Knicks in 1997 for an estimated $300 million. With the Knicks currently being valued at $4.6 billion, the Dolan family has certainly made a tidy return on their investment.

Further south in Florida, the Miami Heat, owned by Micky Arison, is one of the NBA’s most valuable teams. Arison, the former chairman and CEO of Carnival Cruise Line, paid $32.5 million for the rights to the Miami Heat in 1995. Although this was a considerable investment at the time, it has paid off for Arison, with the Heat now being valued at $1.3 billion.

Finally, the Golden State Warriors currently hold the title of the NBA’s most valuable team. The Warriors are owned by Joe Lacob and Peter Gruber, two longtime venture capitalists who purchased the Warriors for $450 million in 2010. This investment has paid off for Lacob and Gruber, as the Warriors are now valued at $4.3 billion.

All of the NBA’s most valuable teams have one thing in common – their owners paid large sums of money to secure ownership of their respective teams. Although this has proven to be a financially savvy investment for some owners, each team’s success will rely heavily on its performance in the upcoming years.

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