ABA League Partizan vs Zadar

The Adriatic league had a rocky start

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ABA League Partizan vs ZadarThe Adriatic league had a rocky start last night, with a lot going on during the game between Partizan Belgrade from Serbia and Zadar from Croatia.

Partizan’s team is the youngest in the history of both the Adriatic league and the coming Euroleague. With an average age of just above 21 years old, the team may be inexperienced but also full of talent.

So talented, that the club could afford to let two top talents leave the team. 19 year NBA draft prospect Nenad Miljenovic went to Radnicki Kragujevac, while the 20 year old 222 cm giant Nemanja Besovic simply terminated his contract and left the club.

Nevertheless coach Dusko Vujosevic says that this team may very well be the most talented he has ever coached.

Zadar on the other hand, has been in deep trouble all summer. Many of the players have not been paid for months and went on strike twice. Until just a few days ago, it was uncertain if the team would even travel to Belgrade.

To everybody´s surprise the Croatian underdog dominated the game and led for well over 37 minutes. At one point things got very heated and coach Vujosevic of Partizan got his second technical foul and was disqualified.

The notorious fans of Partizan then got involved and as a result the whole team of Zadar walked off the court.

In a later statement the Zadar coach explained that he and his players did not feel safe in the hostile arena and that they were bombarded by various objects thrown at them by the Partizan fans.

Zadar later returned and eventually lost the game with 74-81 after having 10 point lead in the 3rd quarter.

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