Spanish ACB games broadcasted in the USA

Univision_logoSpanish ACB Liga Endesa games will be broadcasted twice per week in the USA. That’s the result of a deal in which “Univision” has purchased the broadcast right of the ACB for the USA.

The Spanish-language station will broadcast two games per week and started off last Sunday with the best game imaginable; “El Clasico” between FC Barcelona Regal and Real Madrid.

Univision dates back to 1961 and has its head office in Miami, Florida.

Spanish league games can now be watched in 102 countries in the world and is providing a big financial and marketing boost to the ACB Liga Endesa. No other domestic European league comes even close, and it is one of the reasons why in the last decade Spanish clubs, on average, have had higher budgets than their European competitors. With higher budgets, they were able to attract better players which would make the Spanish league even more attractive than it already was.

However, Spain is currently facing a serious economic crisis with an employment rate of almost 25 % and many banks balancing on the verge of bankruptcy. This has also had its effect on Spanish clubs and the league itself. Budgets have gone down and some clubs have had problems to pay their bills and the salaries of the players (especially in the LEB).

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  1. Excellent news. Just wonder if ACB shares 102 countries donation for broadcasting rights with clubs which are in bad economical situation. :-)

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