Shavlik Randolph vs. Foshan L.L. at BAT

Shavlik Randolph

Former NBA forward Shavlik Randolph filed a claim against his former team, the Foshan Long Lions (China-CBA) at the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT) for outstanding salaries and submitted that his contract was improperly terminated due to his season-ending injury. He was on their roster during the 2013/14 season. Randolph is currently playing for the Phoenix Suns.  In its answer, the Chinese club argued that the contract was only partially guaranteed and that it could be terminated for lack of skill. The arbitrator of the case partially held the player’s claim.

For reference, here are the details of the award:

1. Foshan Long Lions BC Ltd. shall pay Mr. Ronald Shavlik Randolph, as compensation for outstanding salaries, USD 164,807.04.

2. Foshan Long Lions BC Ltd. and Mr. Ronald Shavlik Randolph shall each bear 50% of the costs of the arbitration.
3. Each party shall bear its own legal fees and expenses.
4. Any other or further-reaching requests for relief are dismissed.

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