Sebastien Bellin injured in Brussels Bombing

Sebastien Bellin Twin bomb blasts rocked the Zaventem airport in Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday. There were 11 casualties and dozens of people were injured. An hour after, another explosion took place, this time at Maelbeek metro station. Again, multiple casualties and injuries were reported as well. The attacks prompted Belgium to raise its terror alert to its highest level. One of the people who were seriously injured at Zaventem was international basketball player, Sebastien Bellin. He is a Brazilian player who also holds a Belgian passport. He was a former player of BC Telenet Oostende (Belgium-Scooore League) in mid 2000s. It was the basketball organization that first reported that he was indeed one of the victims of the attack.

Sebastien Bellin
Sebastien Bellin at Zaventem airport after a bomb attack

The player was moved to a hospital in Brussels.  As of now, there has been no update on his status. Sebastien last signed with the Gent Hawks (Belgium-Division II) during the 2014-15 season. He departed the team in February 2015.

The Port of Antwerp Giants basketball team narrowly escaped the attack. Their flight at the airport took off 15 minutes before the bombs exploded.

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