Saint Peter’s becomes the first-ever No. 15 seed to advance to the Elite Eight of the NCAA tournament

Saint Peter’s University, a small Jesuit school just outside New York City in New Jersey, continued to stun the sports world Friday with a 67-64 win over Purdue University.

Saint Peter's

Saint Peter’s is only the third 15 seed in the men’s tournament history to advance to the Sweet Sixteen and the first ever to advance to the Elite Eight.

Purdue was a No. 3 seed in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament this year.

The lead scorer for Saint Peter’s was Daryll Banks III, with 14 points.

The Peacocks are a No. 15 seed team, meaning they were in the second-lowest ranking group to enter the tournament.

They gained national attention after knocking out second-seeded Kentucky in their first game before defeating seventh-seeded Murray State, advancing to the third round of the tournament, known as the Sweet 16.

Almost nobody predicted that they’d get past that first game.

That next potential historical marker comes Sunday against No. 8 North Carolina, which beat No. 4 UCLA 71-66 on Friday night. Considering the Peacocks have topped No. 2 Kentucky, No. 7 Murray State, and No. 3 Purdue amid their rollicking run, they certainly won’t be intimidated by the latest gaudy logo in the bracket.

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