Record-breaking game in Belarus

Yesterday, BC Grodno-GRGU lost at home to COR-Borisfen Mogliev by 53-127. That’s a 74 point difference!

But that was not the only jaw-dropping number. The winning team also had an ORtg (offensive rating) of 149.6 and a TS% (True shooting percentage) of 73.9! Much of that can be explained by the fact that Borisfen scored 50 fast break points, thanks to 35 turnovers by the home team.

Last week Borisfen also had a blowout game when they won with a 49 point margin against Rubon Vitebsk (124-75).

Borisfen has scored more than 100 points in every game this season. But they don’t even play at the highest pace in the Belarus league. The key to Borisfen’s success is defense. Their average DRtg (defensive rating) is 59.3, which is currently the best in the entire world!

best defensive rating by Borisfen Mogliev

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