Danilović was attacked by friend

Predrag DanilovicThe stabbing of Predrag Danilović is still big news in Serbia. His family has now released a statement in which they describe what actually happened Friday night.

It turns out that the man who attacked Danilović was the owner of the café/restaurant; Branko Filipović, who is also a friend of Danilović.

At around 02.30 a.m. Saturday morning Branko Filipović got into a verbal fight with his girlfriend after having a few drinks too many. Filipović is notorious for his aggressive and violent behavior when he is drunk and has been waiving around knives and axes in the past.

Whenever things seemed to get out of control it was always Predrag Danilović who managed to calm his friend down. He tried to do that this time as well. Danilović told the girlfriend of Filipović to go home. Soon thereafter, Filipović smashed a bottle on the head of Danilović. The police and ambulance arrived quickly, but Danilović said that everything was under control (despite a bloody face and head wounds). After the police and ambulance had left, the situation really got out of hand when Filipović charged at Danilović with a knife. Danilović tried to protect himself but suffered multiple cutting and stabbing wounds to his hands and arms and also to his abdomen.

The police are searching for Branko Filipović and criminal charges will be pressed against him.

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