Predrag Danilović stabbed!

Predrag DanilovićPredrag Danilović was attacked and stabbed last night in a Belgrade restaurant. Danilović is a former player of the national team of Yugoslavia. He won every title imaginable and also played in the NBA. He is currently the Sports Director of Partizan Belgrade.

Yesterday night Danilović was in a restaurant with his friends when a verbal fight turned violent. An unidentified person then hit Danilović on the head with a bottle. He was also stabbed, at least twice, with a knife.

Predrag Danilović was immediately operated on and is currently at the intensive care unit of the Hospital. Initial reports say that his situation is stable and that his life is not in danger. He has injuries to his head, abdomen, and arms.

Nobody knows what caused the fight at the restaurant. Danilović is good friends with the owner and normally has his own bodyguard(s), but not last night.

A police spokesperson stressed the fact that the attack has nothing to do with fan rivalry between Red Star Belgrade and Partizan Belgrade, who’s football teams play each other this weekend.

Serbia is in shock and this was such big news that even Aleksandar Vučić, Vice-President of the country, paid
Danilović a visit at the hospital.

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