Pau Gasol to Barca after all

Pau Gasol (213 cm, F/C) has finally signed with FC Barcelona Lassa. For days it was unclear what the situation regarding Gasol was. Four days ago, it was announced that he signed at Barca. Gasol himself said this was untrue.

A couple of days later, Barca announced the news on their site before pulling the article minutes later. Now it appears as though all parties are on the same page: Pau Gasol returns to Barca.

Pau Gasol last played for Barcelona during the 2000/01 season. As a 20-year-old youngster, he averaged 18.5 ppg in six EuroLeague games. The rest is history.

Pau Gasol, now 40 years old, was drafted 3rd overall by the Hawks, shipped to Memphis, and played 19 years in the NBA. He has won two championships.

Pau Gasol

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