NCAA: Florida takes the lead in latest AP Polls


Syracuse’ unanimously voted number one ranking in the Associated Press (AP) polls ended up being short lived after suffering two losses last week. They endured back-to-back losses versus Boston College and Duke, dropping them all the way to fourth place. This opened the door for previous number two team, Florida, to slide into that top spot. The last time the Gators were voted as the AP Poll number one team was way back in 2007.

Wichita State and former number one team Arizona, also moved up in the rankings occupying the number two and three spots, respectively. Meanwhile, thanks to five-game winning streak, Kansas strides up three spots to round out the new-look Top Five.

Duke, despite their stunning 66-60 win over Syracuse last week, has to settle for the sixth spot due to their loss to North Carolina. Speaking of North Carolina, they are poll’s top gainer as they zip up seven spots into 19th overall. San Diego State’s 58-44 loss to New Mexico makes them the team that lost the most ground with a seven-spot slide 13th, and just like that they are out of top-10 picture for the moment.

Here is the complete Top 25 teams in the NCAA Men’s Basketball based on the AP Poll:

  1. Florida (+1)
  2. Wichita State (+1)
  3. Arizona (+1)
  4. Syracuse (-3)
  5. Kansas (+3)
  6. Duke (-1)
  7. Louisville (+4)
  8. Villanova (+1)
  9. Creighton (+2)
  10. Saint Louis
  11. Cincinnati (-4)
  12. Virginia (+2)
  13. San Diego State (-7)
  14. Wisconsin (+2)
  15. Iowa State (+2)
  16. MicHigan (+4)
  17. Kentucky (+1)
  18. Michigan State (-5)
  19. North Carolina(+7)
  20. Iowa (-5)
  21. Memphis (+1)
  22. Ohio State (+2)
  23. Southern Methodist (+3)
  24. Texas (-5)
  25. New Mexico (+1)

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