NCAA: Duke, UNC, Gonzaga, UVA Awarded Top Seeds


March Madness is upon us! The 2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament brackets have been announced and Duke University has been awarded the No. 1 overall seed. Two other teams from the ACC were awarded top seeds in University of North Carolina and University of Virginia. Joining them is Gonzaga University, the team that has held the top spot in the AP Polls for the last several weeks.

This is only the second time that three teams from the same conference are No. 1 seeds. The ACC is stacked to the brim with talent this year and it would come as no surprise if any of these teams were to go all the way and take home the trophy.

No. 2 seeds were given out to Tennessee, Michigan State, Kentucky and Michigan. Both Michigan and Michigan State have been consistent this season and will be strong teams to watch out for. Kentucky is a perennial mainstay as a seed awardee so there is little surprise with their selection.

Texas Tech, Houston, LSU and Purdue take the No. 3 seeds, while No. 4 seeds were handed out to Florida State, Kansas, Kansas State and Virginia Tech.

2019 NCAA Bracket

Duke earned the No. 1 overall seed thanks to the return of Zion Williamson, who was dealing with a sprained knee. He returned at an opportune time to lead the Blue Devils to yet another ACC title. Even with the top seed, Duke will have to navigate an upset-filled gauntlet we all know as the NCAA brackets. Madness. Simply, madness.

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