NCAA Division 3 All-America

Court Side Newspaper introduces the 2016/2017 season NCAA Division 3 All-America Team. We base our selection ONLY on the advanced statistics of Player Efficiency Rating (PER). This is a one-number measure of a player’s per-minute productivity. It is an overall efficiency statistic that sums up a player’s positive accomplishments, subtracts the negative accomplishments, and returns a per-minute rating of a player’s performance. Until recently only the NBA used this advanced statistic. It has never been used before at NCAA 3 level.


Ty Sabin, a 188 cm guard from Ripon College Has the highest PER at D3 level with 39.1. He also led the entire league in scoring, averaging 30.7 ppg. Some argue that Joe Flannery should be the player of the year because his team Babson College won the NCAA Division 3 championship, and he was their most valuable player. But Flannery’s PER is only 28 while that of Ty Sabin is 39. End of discussion.

NCAA Division 3 All-America selection and POY; Ty Sabin


G-Khory Moore, 182 cm, Virginia Wesleyan College

G-Vinny Curta, 195 cm, Grinnell College

F-Jordan Robinson, 191 cm, North Park University

F/C-Dan Fanelly, 203 cm, College of Wooster

F/C-Zach Wallace, 203 cm, Rockford University

All the above players have a PER of 32 or more. Notable players who were on the bubble are; Tahron Harvey (PER 31) and Harrison Blackledge (PER 32).


Sam Johnson (198 cm, Gordon College) was a real beast this season. He grabbed 31.9 % of all available rebounds while he was on the floor! That’s a rebounding rate that not even Dennis Rodman had in his best season! Johnson also had impressive “traditional stats”, averaging of 15.1 rebounds per game, which ranked him 2nd overall. Tyheim Monroe lead the NCAA D3 with an average of 15.8 rpg but his Rebounding rate was only 23% which didn’t rank him among the top-10 players in the league. Why is there a big discrepancy between advanced and traditional stats? Because Tyheim played almost 37 minutes per game and had more time to collect his rebounds. But Sam Johnson is a much more dominant rebounder when he is on the floor. Other dominant rebounders were Ed Ogundeko (196 cm, Trinity College), Mykelle Krecko (208 cm, SUNY Oswego) and Evan Greening (193 cm, Pittsburg at Bradford).

Sam Johnson rebounds


Gbolahan Alliyu (202 cm, Penn State Harrisburg) had a block percentage of 15.1%! In other words, while he is on the floor he blocks almost one in every seven opponent field-goal attempts. Amazing! He also ranked 5th in the traditional statistic of average blocked shots per game (3.3). The leader in that category is Justin Jones (203 cm, Hardin-Simmons). He blocked 4.2 shots per game but with a blocking percentage of only 11.1% which ranks him 16th overall in that advanced statistical category.


First Team NCAA Division 3 All-America selection Vinny Curta (195 cm, Grinnell College) had an assist percentage of 54.2% which means that while he was on the floor, he assisted 54.2 % of all his teammate field goals. One of the most unselfish players in the league was Whit Rapp (182 cm, Emory). His assist ratio was 48.5 ( 48.5 assists out of every 100 possessions he used). Nicholas Fenton (177 cm, Wheelock College) led the traditional statistical ranking with an average of 9.8 assists per game.

These are just some of the advanced statistics that we have available. For more, please visit our Game Center.

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