NBL Canada still on hold

NBL Canada is still on hold during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, the NBL Canada (National Basketball League of Canada) plans to resume play when safe to do so.

Deputy Commissioner Audley Stephenson said;

If it weren’t for a pandemic that has seen restrictions placed on pretty much everything, including mass gatherings, the league would have completed its ninth season last year and season 10 would now be well underway.

NBL Canada

Although NBL Canada is unlikely to return to the court on March 12, this should not be interpreted as a step towards throwing in the towel on the eight-team league.

Stephenson and other league executives have been consistent in saying the NBL Canada business model simply doesn’t afford the option of playing games in empty stadiums – fans are paramount to success.

Stephenson emphasizes that team owners remain committed to their investments.

Teams are actively meeting and having very focused conversations about the direction of the league overall,” he said. “Everyone wants to see the growth of the league because that benefits all teams, not just in one particular market or another. If the league grows, then all teams benefit.

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