NBA Opens Investigation into Free Agency Process


The NBA has opened an investigation into the process of the recent free agency. This comes as the result of issues raised by multiple team owners during the Board of Governors meeting held in Las Vegas during the Summer League.

The league will be looking into the possibility of teams circumventing the salary cap as outlined Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) via the use of improper inducements offered to players.

There is also the issue regarding the possible dubious nature with which announcements of agreements were made. Teams and player representatives were allowed to begin meeting and negotiating at 6 P.M. on June 30th. However, there were multiple announcements made within minutes of each other at 7 P.M., just one hour after the official time began.

Knicks forward/center Bobby Portis told The Athletic in an interview that “the New York Knicks had reached out to him to set up a meeting a full five days before free agency began.” Aside from that, various players confirmed to ESPN and the New York Times that they committed to teams within minutes of the opening of free agency.

There have also been multiple reports recently that Kawhi Leonard’s representatives were seeking perks from teams that violated the CBA during meetings regarding his free agency. In particular, his uncle – Dennis Robertson allegedly had asked for houses, planes and guaranteed sponsorship money.

The full scope of the investigation has yet to be disclosed and whether or not it leads to any punishments or penalties to players or teams will be another story. However, the fruits of the investigation could lead to rule changes in the league’s free agency system and policies.

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