MZT Skopje sweeps the North Macedonian series and wins the title

MZT Skopje Aerodrom beat Euro Nickel 89-78 in game three of the North Macedonian league finals and thereby swept the series 3-0.

It was a remarkable feat since MZT only ended fourth in the regular season. However, in the quarter-finals of the playoffs, they first beat Kumanovo, and in the semis, they swept the number one ranked team Pelister Bitola.

This is the eighth North Macedonian title of the club since 2011. MZT also participates in the regional Adriatic league, where they ended third this season in the 2nd division of that league.

MZT Skopje was founded in 1966 and has one of the most loyal sponsors in professional sports in “MZT.” That abbreviation stands for “Metalski zavod Tito,” a factory located in the “Aerodrom” neighborhood. Hence the name “MZT Aerodrom Skopje.”

MZT Skopje wins the title


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