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Being an NBA player involves more than just competing, taking home championships, and getting paid well. Additionally, participants enjoy donating a set sum of money to those in need. The NBA is essentially about charity. Fans love players more and want more of them as more players bring attention to charitable activities and give back.

In the world of football (or soccer, as the Americans call it) there is already a list of charitable soccer players who are associated with the NBA.

Here are the names of some of their colleagues who actually play in the NBA.

Kevin Durant

The College Track chapter was launched in Prince George’s County in Maryland due to Durant, who gave $10 million. This was Durant’s home growing up. The program allowed students (from ninth grade through college) accessibility to financial assistance as well as tutoring services plus test preparation programs, which was a first for the Washington metropolitan area. Additionally, it helps graduate students make the transition from school to the workforce. He keeps coming back and turning to face people. Quinn Cook, a former teammate, said that he is like a superhero both on and off the court. Durant reportedly gave more than $13 million in 2017, which is a significant sum of money. He is a very humble person, and most of his charitable deeds are not widely known.

Isaiah Thomas

Since 2011, Isaiah Thomas, who has played for 4 NBA clubs, has been giving back to the communities where he played. He was a passionate supporter of activities held by Boys & Girls Clubhouses. To help the Cambridge, Massachusetts, fire survivors, he had collected thousands of dollars. In his native Tacoma, he donated money toward the building of a basketball court. Additionally, he gives donated backpacks to less fortunate youngsters who continue to attend school.

John Wall

After the death of his 6-year-old buddy Miyah Telemaque-Nelson from Burkitt’s lymphoma in 2014, John worked with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in DC, Washington. His walking group was known as Miyah’s Troupe. However, this is only one of the health activists promoting via his foundation, the John Wall Family Trust.  The Passport to Manhood Program of Jon Walls aims to involve young males in the community.

LeBron James

Among the few NBA players of our age who did not attend college is LeBron James; he helped the school to the professional league. James consistently supported many educational initiatives during his career. James listed the inauguration of the school as one of his most memorable life experiences. Yet 25 years ago, he frequently missed class and stayed on couches with buddies. He consistently contributes to charity and is committed to assisting young people in establishing themselves.

Tobias Harris

One of the NBA’s most generous players is Tobias Harris, who donated $1 million to nine Philadelphia-area charities only at the beginning of this season. However, he was quite particular about the organizations he chose, specifying that they must focus on giving the youth a high-quality education, particularly in reading.

Damian Lillard

The most current recipient of the NBA’s Community Assist Trophy is Damian Lillard, a dynamic shooting guard and team captain for the Portland Trail Blazers. To support athletes with cognitive disabilities, the Special Olympics Oregon would receive a $10,000 donation from the NBA as well as the Kaiser Permanente Consortium. Lillard has openly supported young players ever since joining the NBA in 2012, and he is expected to keep doing his “work” in the coming years.

Stephen Curry

Curry pledges to work with USAID as well as the UN to reduce malaria cases throughout the world. For every three-pointer he made in 2012, he gave three sleeping nets. To support communities affected by malaria, he also pushed the #CallYourShot fundraising campaign in 2016. In addition, since 2018, he has contributed one bed for malaria patients for every 10,000 pairs of his iconic sneakers for Nothing Except for Sneakers that have been purchased. Via ThanksUSA golf competitions, Curry also offers scholarships to families of active-duty soldiers. It started in 2011, and since then, it has raised $150,000. He also collaborated on the Carole Hoefener Center renovation in Charlotte, his birthplace, alongside Chase Bank.


This is not a comprehensive list of NBA players who give some of their earnings to charity. Many NBA players, for instance, paid attention to the catastrophe in Haiti in 2010. A fund for earthquake aid in Haiti was started by Dwyane Wade. Therefore other than the above-mentioned players, many NBA players donate to society.

NBA players and charity

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