Matrixx Magixx

Matrixx Magixx withdraws from Dutch league

Matrixx Magixx

The Matrixx Magixx Wijchen will not be participating in the Dutch Eredivisie league this coming season. The team lost Nijmegen as their main sponsor and found themselves in financial difficulty ever since. For those reasons they were unable to meet the necessary requirements to remain in the league.

Matrixx Magixx joined the league in 2000 as the Eiffel Towers. They won the Dutch Eredivisie championship in 2003a and won the Dutch Cup in 2007. They reached the finals in again in 2007, but did not manage to win the title. In 2013-14 they were eliminated in the quarterfinals by the Bright Kings Den Helder 0-2 in their best of three series.

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