Match fixing investigation in Sweden

Match fixing in Swedish Basketball Svenska SpelThe Swedish police have started an investigation into match fixing in Swedish Basketball. There is one specific game that is being investigated, but it is unknown yet which game that is.

Betting on games is legal in Sweden. Svenska Spel (Swedish games), one of the betting companies, noticed some irregularities around a certain game and started an internal investigation. Then, all of a sudden, in December Basketball was taken off the list of sports on which you could bet. Svenska spel is a state-owned company operating in the regulated gambling market in Sweden. They are the main sponsor of many sports.

At the same time as Svenska Spel took Basketball off the betting list, the Swedish Basketball Federation noticed some administrative irregularities regarding the same game. After that, the Swedish Basketball Federation and Svenska Spel decided to contact the police who are now investigating the case. Match fixing is suspected.

Hans von Uthmann, the spokesperson for the Swedish Basketball Federation says:

“A private person contacted us about this particular game that was played in December, and when we took a closer look we discovered some serious administrative errors. We have now come to a situation in which we have handed over the case to the police.”


  1. Jay Man on February 14, 2013 at 14:31

    Wh yam I not surprised? Matchfixing has become a big issue in soccer worldwide so I can only assume that it excists in basketball as well.

  2. Frank the tank on February 14, 2013 at 10:51

    This happens all over the world. I believe someone who called lost money on it

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