Marko Tomas charges at fan after cup loss

Marko Tomas charges at fan

Croatian national team player, Marko Tomas, snapped yesterday after his team Cedevita Zagreb lost the Croatian cup final against Cibona Zagreb 76-77.

It was a very tight game that was decided by veteran Sandro Nicevic with less than a second left on the clock. Cibona beating Cedevita was a huge upset. Cibona has had problems all season and saw many players come and go. The results have been very disappointing so far.

Cedevita on the other hand, is the team with the biggest budget in Croatia and the entire Adriatic league as well. They are doing much better than Cibona, but are not really living up to the hype at the beginning of the season.

During the game Marko Tomas was visibly agitated by the opposing Cibona fans. So much in fact that on several occasions he shouted back at them.

Immediately after the game he stormed up the stands and attacked a Cibona fan, who ended up in the hospital emergency room. It is unclear if he will press any charges against Tomas.

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