Marcus Cousin wins claim vs. Krasny Oktyabr

Marcus Cousin Marcus Cousin and his agent Eric Fleisher filed a claim against BC Krasny Oktyabr Volgograd (Russia-VTB) at the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT) for outstanding salaries, bonuses, travel expenses, compensation for breach of contract, and agents fees. They submitted that the team failed to play the player his salary and bonuses as well as the agent’s fees,  allowing Cousin to terminate his contract. In its answer, the club submitted that he did not have just cause to terminate his contract and that the team was entitled to withhold and eventually terminate the player, after getting injured during the season and did not show up for a series of medical appointments with team doctors. Cousin played for Krasny Oktyabr in the 2014-15 season.

The arbitrator of the case upheld the claim with the following award:

1. BC Krasny Oktyabr is ordered to pay to Mr. Marcus Lynn Cousin Jr. the net amount of USD 31,642.90.
2. BC Krasny Oktyabr is ordered to pay to Mr. Eric Fleisher the net amount of USD 8,000.00.
3. The arbitration costs shall be borne 50% by Mr. Marcus Lynn Cousin Jr. and Mr. Eric Fleisher and 50% by BC Krasny Oktyabr.
4. Each party shall bear its own legal fees and expenses .
5. Any other or further-reaching claims for relief are dismissed.

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