Luxemburg’s Total League suspends all games until January 1st

Following the press conference, the sports Minister, during which the rules and restrictions for sports were explained in the context of the Covid-19-virus, the basketball federation met the 13 clubs from the Total League to discuss the continuation of the basketball competitions in the highest leagues.

Luxemburg Total League

Hence, the basketball federation would like to express its solidarity with the Luxembourg community by reducing the spreading of the Covid-19-virus over the next two months. Therefore, all Total League games will be suspended until January 1st, 2021.

Furthermore, an urgent extraordinary general meeting with all its clubs will be convened to discuss the basketball season’s restart in 2021.

Finally, the clubs and the basketball federation unanimously expressed their common will to continue youth practices to allow young players to practice and play the sport they love. Together, they will develop safe practice conditions for the benefit of the youth.

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