Lots of potential wasted in Malawi

Despite Malawi having alot of potential players who can improve basketball in Malawi, it is still just a dream to improve basketball in the country since most of the problems are not looked into and dealt with. A shortage of basketball courts is the major problem which affects basketball in Malawi. Players have to travel long distances to find a basketball court. This affects them since they reach at basketball courts already tired. Sometimes they do skip training days because of fatigue. The government of Malawi is also to be blamed for poor standards of basketball in Malawi. The government only concentrate on funding football leaving basketball aside. Most of the leagues do not continue due to a lack of funding. This causes a lot of players to not take basketball seriously since they do not benefit from it. Basketball can not develop without basketball coaches. This is the case in Malawi. Teams do not have coaches instead they use their fellow players to coach them. This contributes to poor standards of basketball since their fellow players cum coaches are not equiped with skills of coaching.Medical aid is essential to all sporting activities. Most basketball players stop playing basketball for life because when they are seriously injured on the court, there is no medical aid (first aid) to ease the situation. For basketball to improve in Malawi, the above problems have to be looked into and dealt with immediately. For example, in Angola there are many basketball courts, a lot of basketball coaches, plus the balls are cheap. No wonder Angola is doing great in basketball.

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