Kimani Ffriend jailed and charged with manslaughter

Kimani Ffriend (211 cm, Nebraska, born 1977 in Jamaica) has been charged with manslaughter in Serbia and is held in custody in Belgrade. Around 04.30 in the morning Ffriend was driving a vehicle that struck a woman. The woman died immediately and her twin sister was taken to the hospital in shock. The accident happened close to a pedestrian crossing and reports are that Ffriend had 0,98 promille alcohol in his blood. Kimani Ffriend had just left his team Metalac Valjevo and was heading to the Spanish ACB where he was in the final stage of contract negotiation. Ffriend is married to a Serbian woman and was told last week that he would receive a Serbian passport within days. All that is irrelevant now after this tragic accident in which one woman lost her life and several others have been dramatically affected as well.

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  1. I know him personaly. He’s really good person. I can’t believe this happened. It’s a tragedy for both parts. By the way, I’m serbian, I read serbian newspapers. The other twin is not injured, they took her to hospital because of the shock, but she’s not injured like you said…

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