Garnett, Pierce traded to Nets

kevin garnett, paul pierce

In the midst of the surprises, twists and turns that took place during the 2013 NBA draft, the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics were busy brokering a blockbuster deal. A deal which cannot be made official until July 10th, has been agreed upon on principle by all parties concerned. Kevin Garnett (211 cm), Paul Pierce (201 cm, Kansas’98), and Jason Terry (188 cm, Arizona’99) are headed to Brooklyn. In exchange, Boston gets Gerald Wallace (201 cm, Alabama’01), Kris Humphries (206 cm, Minnesota’04), Kris Joseph (200 cm, Syracuse’12) from Canada and Trinidad, Reggie Evans (203 cm, Iowa’02), Keith Bogans (196 cm, Kentucky’03), and three future first-round picks (2014, 2016, 2018).

Kevin Garnett waived the no-trade clause in his contract in order for this deal to happen. This transaction along with the recent departure of head coach Doc Rivers signals an end to an era for the Celtics. Boston is now in “rebuilding mode,” and armed with the three first-round picks they are receiving from Brooklyn, they are now in good shape to form a new core for the future.

For Brooklyn this was about trading now, to win now (or as soon as possible). They have arguably the most talent-laden first five in the Eastern Conference. Elite teams in the East like the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, and Indiana Pacers are now put on notice. The Nets are going to make a run for the Championship this 2013-14 and with they way things are stacking up for them, they appear to have the pieces to be more than a serious threat.

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