Kevin Durant

Durant signs with Jay-Z’s agency

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant (206 cm, Texas’07)  has officially signed with Roc Nation Sports, the agency rap and media mogul Jay-Z set up in April 2013. Jay-Z divested his minority interest in the Brooklyn Nets in order to allow his agency to sign players from the NBA. League rules require that individuals involved in companies dealing player representation not have an ownership stake in an NBA team.


Jay-Z has now officially expanded his empire. Not only does he have a big influence in the world of music and entertainment, via Roc Nation Sports he now has spread his wings to tap into sports. The agency already has players from the NFL and MLB signed.

Kevin Durant is a big name in basketball. Durant’s contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder is already set all the way through the 2015-16 season. The agency can now work on improving KD’s brand. He is a prolific scorer, an Olympian, and also someone heavily involved in his community. Considering his talent and caliber the market is wide open for Durant. He currently has endorsement deals with Gatorade, Sprint, and Nike. It would not be a surprise if this high-profile signing opens the doors for other players in the league to consider moving to Roc Nation Sports.

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