Jonathan Jones picked up by AS Soleuvre

Jonathan Jones

Jonathan Jones (198 cm, Kean’12) is looking to elevate his game as he is slated to play for AS Soleuvre (Luxembourg-Total League) this 2013-14 season. He began his rookie campaign by joining UMFN Njardvik from Iceland’s Express league, only remained with the team for the duration of the pre-season.

Jones moved to the Tromso Storm from Norway’s BLNO. Jonathan was impressive in his first run as an international player, leading the Norwegian league in both scoring and rebounding with 23.0 ppg and 15.2 rpg in 25 games. He had such an impressive performance during the season that he was invited to play in the Norwegian BLNO All-Star Game in 2013, while also taking his team all the way to the league finals.

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